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John 6 - Protected View

John 6 – Protected View

JESUS feeds the 5,000 and walks on water. HE teaches the HE is the “bread from heaven” and that all who wish to have eternal life must eat HIS flesh and drink HIS blood. Many of HIS followers, unable to accept this difficult symbolism, desert HIM.

I.TWO MIRACLES [John 6:1-24]

A.First Miracle [John 6:1-15]: JESUS feeds the 5,000

1.Events preceding this miracle [John 6:1-9]

a.The place [John 6:1-4]: It occurs on the banks of the Galilean Sea.

b.The problem [John 6:5-6]: JESUS asks HIS disciples how they propose to feed the multitudes that surround HIM.

c.The pessimism [John 6:7-9]

(1)As demonstrated by Philip [John 6:7]: He says it would take a small fortune to feed them.

(2)As demonstrated by Andrew [John 6:89]: He brings a boy with five barley loaves and two fish but doesn’t believer that’s enough for the crowd.

2.Events during this miracle [John 6:10-13}

a.The scarcity of food [John 6:10]: JESUS takes the only available food-five barley loaves and two fish-gives thanks, and orders its distribution.

b.The surplus of food [John 6:11-13]: After all, have eaten their fill, there are twelve baskets of leftover food!

3.Events following this miracle [John 6:14-15]

a.The determination of the people [John6:14]: Concluding that HE is THE MESSIAH, they plan to crown HIM as their KING!

b.The departure of the SAVIOR [John 6:15]: HE quickly withdraws from them into the hills.

B.Second Miracle [John 6:16-24]: JESUS walks on water.

1.The stormy sea [John 6:16-18]: The disciples’ boat is threatened by a sudden squall.

2.The sovereign SAVIOR [John 6:19-21]: A twofold miracle now occurs.

a.HE walks on the water [John 6:19-20].

b.HE brings the boat to land immediately [John 6;21].

3.The seeking sinners [John 6:22-24]: A large crowd assembles to meet HIM.

II.TWO MESSAGES [John 6:25-71]

A.Public comments [John 6:25-26]

1.CHRIST and the curious [John 6:25-40]

a.HE speaks concerning GOD’S salvation [John 6:25-36].

(1)Their confusion [John 6:25-26, 28, 3-31, 36]

(a)They want to know how HE got there [John6:25].

(b)They seek HIM only for physical bread [John 6:26].

(c)They don’t know how to please GOD [John 6:28].

(d)They assume the O. T. manna came from Moses [John 6:30-31].

(e)They don’t believe in HIM even though they have seen HIM [John 6:36].

(2)HIS correction [John 6:27, 29, 31-35]

(a)They are to seek HIM for spiritual bread [John 6:27, 33-35].

(b)The will please GOD by believing in HIM [John 6:29].

(c)HE says the O.T. manna came from GOD [John 6:32].

b.HE speaks concerning GOD’S sovereignty [John 6:37-40].

(1)Guaranteeing that all to be saved will come to CHRIST [John 6:37]: They will never be rejected.

(2)Guaranteeing that all to be saved will continue in CHRIST [John 6:38-40]: all who believer in HIM will be raised at the last day.

2.CHRIST and the critical [John 6:41-59]

a.Their criticism [John 6:41-42. 52]

(1)HE is simply the son of Joseph [John 6:41-42].

(2)No one can (physically) eat HIS flesh and drink HIS blood [John6:52].

b.HIS correction [John 6:43-51, 53-59].

(1)JESUS says HE is THE BREAD OF LIFE [John 6:43-51].

(2)JESUS says that anyone who wants eternal life must (spiritually) eat HIS flesh and drink HIS blood [John 6: 53-59]

3.CHRIST and the carnal [John 6:60-66]

a.Many of HIS followers now decide against HIM [John 6:60-65].

b.Many of HIS followers now depart from HIM [John 6:66].

B.Private comments [John 6:67-71]: JESUS now addresses HIS chosen ones.

1.THE SAVIOR and all the apostles [John 6:67-69]

a.JESUS asks, “Are you going to leave, too?” [John 6:67].

b.Peter answers, “LORD, to whom would we go? YOU alone have the words that give eternal life. We believe them, and we know YOU are THE HOLY ONE of GOD” [John 6:68-69].

2.THE SAVIOR and the evil apostle [John 6:70-71]

a.The nature of this apostle [John 6:70]: He gave himself over to satan.

b.The name of this apostle [John 6:7a]: He is Judas Iscariot!

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